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Top 25 Kill Districts

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About Big Hole River

Few rivers in Montana flow through such a wide variety of geographical features. This beautiful river begins high in the mountains of the Bitterroot Range. It soon tumbles down the mountains and flows through the beautiful and massive Big Hole River Valley. This scenic valley is flanked by mountains on all sides and, to many people, defines what Montana is all about—big valleys, tall mountains and wide-open spaces!

The Big Hole River winds its way lazily through this valley before taking a sharp turn to the east and cutting through the mountains. Thick forests, rock cliffs and open agricultural fields provide a wonderful mix along the river’s shoreline and make for great fishing variety.

The Big Hole River is nationally known as one of the premiere blue-ribbon trout waters in Montana, and for good reason. The river is home to high numbers of wild and large rainbow and brown trout. Excellent brook trout fishing also exists on its upper reaches. Strict fishing regulations on the river help maintain both the fly fishing quality as well as limit the use of the river to some extent, keeping fishing pressure at tolerable levels most of the year.


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